How to Make Cauliflower Rice

Today. I want to share another awesome recipe which would help you reduce your starch intake. hopefully, you know by now that sugar is not the only thing to spike up your blood sugar. Sometimes rice, pasta or a toast can have the same effect.

So I grew up in Nigeria, and we ate rice ALL the time. It was the easiest, cheapest way to feed and fuel  the whole family to get through the day.  I know Asians and other cultures probably relate.  So if you are a fan of eating rice all the time like me, here is an adjustment you can make if you are trying to lose some body fat or a few extra lbs.

Now, Instead of working so hard on fighting our natural habits. we sometimes just need to replace it with a healthier alternative. That seems to be the most effective way for me to keep a long term lifestyle.   So Here is a way to get that full satiety feeling of having substance without the extra carbs we don’t need because of our sedentary lifestyle.

Try this cauliflower rice  recipe.  You can either mix this with some rice or just eat the whole cauliflower rice.

Optional: Feel free to add some salt, olive oil, black pepper etc as needed to help with flavoring.

Enjoy by watching the Video Demo Below! 🙂

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