How to run a Mile in Two weeks for Beginners – Part 2

WEEK 1 – DAY 2

Building Cardiovascular Endurance with Fartleks

IMPORTANT – Before you complete Day 2, be sure to have completed Day 1. Have your fitness test completed and your mile time written down for reference.

Main goal for today is to complete 15 minutes of run/walk. Keep it simple, push yourself and most of all have fun!

Reference for Fartleks (15 min workout)

  1. Mile times faster than 13 mins – RUN 200m and Walk 100m for 15 minutes
  2. Mile times slower than 13 mins – RUN 50 – 100m and  walk 100m for 15 minutes.

Options If No Track Is Available

  1. Mile times faster than 13 mins – RUN 2 minutes and Walk 1 minute for a total time of 15 minutes
  2. Mile times slower than 13 mins – RUN for 30 seconds to a minute  and  walk for 1:30 – 2 mins for a total time of 15 minutes.


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Ready to take things to the next level ?

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Coming Up Next : First Long Distance Run.

In Part three of our run a mile in 2 week series I will instruct you how to complete your first long distance run and how it will propel you to new levels of endurance.

You Can Move on here :

Day 3 : First Long Distance Run.

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