How to run a Mile in Two weeks for Beginners – Part 3

WEEK 1 – DAY 3


Today is the day everyone! Our first long and steady run. This will be the most challenging day yet but will offer you a great chance to push through a run and give you some confidence heading into the next few days.

I want to share a quick video that inspires me before my runs and really gives me that extra edge. I encourage you to watch this before your run! Enjoy!

Hope you’re pumped and ready to go! Watch the video below for today’s run!

Consistency Is Key

Very important point I want to stress is how important consistency is. Running only gets easier the more consistent you are. Just keep taking the program day-by-day and finishing each step. You will be excited once you start to notice your improved results!

 Main goal today is to run nonstop for 8-10 mins.

Make sure on your run you are going at a pace that allows you to talk or sing. If you’re unable to talk because you’re breathing so heavy, your pace is too fast. Run at your desired pace and make sure to employ proper breathing techniques.

To keep it simple for every 5 short breaths you take, take 1 deep breath and inhale with both the mouth and nose. This will keep your body fresh during the run and retaining the right amount of oxygen.

Good luck on on your first steady run!




Ready to take things to the next level ?

To continue this process and get on the track for a complete running plan to train for your 5k beyond this  two weeks, Download my Newest Guide created specifically for you to run your 5k in 5 weeks.


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Coming Up Next : Lengthening our Fartlek Distance.

In Part four of our run a mile in 2 week series we will repeat our run/walk interval training but this time add 5 minutes on to the end. This may not seem like much at first but will require a slight boost in effort to complete!

You Can Move on here :

Day 4 : Fartleks Second Time Around.

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