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“It’s thrilling to me when people give themselves permission to let their Light shine.”

bayoI love to help and influence people to develop the confidence to liberate their great inner power and radically transform their lives.

Years ago, I was trapped myself by fears of failure and doubts about my self worth. At the same time, I could sense there was something extremely powerful within me–so powerful, in fact, that it frankly scared me. So I felt I had to keep it locked inside.

“I eventually learned that it was my own inner Light.”

Through study and experience, I came to realize that this great unlimited power is a radiant, positive energy that we all possess–our Light. It’s just waiting to be set free so we can make dramatic changes in both our bodies and our lives… so we can be the being we truly are!

“Be the change and you will change the world!”

U.S.-born, Nigerian-raised and world-traveled.

It’s been quite a journey!

One key event was receiving a scholarship to Northwest Missouri State University where I earned a degree in Management Information Systems in order to become a software developer in Nigeria. (Fortunately, I also earned an associate degree in Social & Behavioral Science which helped qualify me for the real career that was to come.)

Eventually, I quit my job as a software developer mainly because my passion for track and field had grown so great and I wanted to travel the world. I had already represented Nigeria in the African Championship Games and even toured Europe, as well. My new goal was to try out for the Olympics, and I sacrificed everything in order to do it.

As luck would have it, though, I suffered a serious knee injury one day that crushed those hopes forever. As you might imagine, I felt depressed and at a loss for what to do next.


It turned out to be blessing-in-disguise.

I knew that to get better I had to get out of myself–out of focusing on my troubles–so I plunged into helping other people achieve their dreams. This was to be my calling in life.

As it happens, being an athlete, friends would ask me to help them with their workout regimens, which I was only too happy to do. Over time, more and more people turned to me for this help, and it suddenly began to mushroom.

People got very excited about the way I advised and encouraged them. Many had thought that exercise was a necessary, grim drudgery, but I revealed to them what a truly joyful experience the right approach to health and fitness can be.

At the same time, my own spirit soared to see so many great people get turned on by the things I had to say about exercise, fitness and nutrition. What’s more gratifying than to see people you’ve helped shed 10 to 80 pounds, while transforming their body shapes, as well?


One thing naturally led to another.

Within two years I had over 100 clients… and the ripples keep radiating outward! At that point, I felt an increasingly strong desire to take some of my local expertise and share it with the world. So I did.


Today, along with my training sessions, I put my energies into managing my business and local Adiofit Family, producing workout videos, running nutrition workshops/Seminars, blogs and even a new book. Topics cover everything from travel to fitness, from nutrition tips and recipes to personal development and motivation.

When I’m not in my professional role…

… I love to travel and explore, especially venturing off the beaten path–where the most exciting things lie waiting to be discovered!

A big part of traveling’s allure for me involves all the exotic dishes and tastes you can experience nowhere else. I just let randomness be my guide for trying new foods!

Oh, and just try to keep me off the dance floor! That’s where you can really let your Light shine, being in sync with all the other swirling bodies and vibrant rhythms. Makes you even happier that you’re fit and healthy!

And to increase that fitness, I play rugby on the side and  I get out and run as often as I can as part of my overall personal development. I love 5ks, half marathons and I am a big fan of the Popular Obstacle course race – The Spartan race. I believe humans were meant to “fly across the ground”… there’s no exhilaration remotely like it!


Let’s meet!

I’d love the chance to connect with you and learn about your ambitions, goals.  personal health and/or fitness challenges etc. More than anything, I want to help remove your fears by sharing and guide you into living a life that is happy, vibrant and full of adventure!


I would love to connect with you. Feel free to shoot me a email at

Together, we can let your Light shine its absolute brightest!

Your Friend and Coach,
Bayo Adio

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