Cool Ways to drink more water by Bayo Adio

Hello everyone,
Since this is a question I get a lot, I decided to ask my local community of active people on our facebook page. I asked the group of people who do a great job of getting their water intake. Here are the tools they recommended. I hope this helps you with your water intake 🙂

Tip #1  by Erica Martin –  Small Magnets on Fridge for daily motivation. 
I use small magnets on my fridge to monitor my water consumption when I am at home.








Tip #2 by Misty Dickinson – Frozen Fruit Ice Cubes.

I love water!! It’s all I drink…but plain water can get a little blah. I also have to have my water ice cold. I like to infuse my water but I freeze my fruit and use it like ice cubes. I also use stevia drops…so many flavors to choose from and one drop (for me) can flavor 16 oz of water perfectly. My intake is monitored by reusable 8 oz bottles I refill every day and put in the fridge. I can grab and go or I can fill up my big water bottle. I also keep bottles of water in my car so I don’t ever run out.



Tip #3 by Whitney Unkefer, Adriana Gonzalez, Kathy Hynek, Krista Caffey & Dana Comstock
  –  “Carry a refillable, cute water bottle or jug everywhere  you go.”

WhitneyI have a large water bottle (64 oz) that I started carrying everywhere with me. Initially the goal was to make it through a whole water bottle in a day, now it’s to get through 1 and 1/2 or 2 bottles a day!!!

Krista – I carry a large refillable bottle of water with me everywhere!

AdrianaI carry my 25 ounce water bottle everywhere. I drink one bottle by noon, second bottle by 5, last bottle before bed time. This ensures I get all my intake. Sometimes I fall behind but I’m at least still taking sips

KathyI take a large water ‘jug’ most places with me and fill a glass as soon as I get home. It’s more of a mental note than a thirst thing for me now

DanaI buy 1 gallon drinking water jugs and finish it each day. I will say this is somewhat easy for me since i do enjoy water!

Tip #4 by Laura Campbell – Strawberry, Cucumber and Lemon in water



 i drink 3-4 of 32 OZ cups daily. On the days that i can’t seem to drink my water i usually put strawberries, cucumbers, and lemon in my water to help give it some flavor.



Tip #5  by Diane Challacombe – Sticky Notes

I track on a sticky note at work each glass I drink is a slash. Each cup holds 24oz so I know I need at least 5 to make my gallon a day!






**This is my favorite ONE!** I have a large (32 Oz cup) I fill 3xs a day… each day I drink 3 full cups I reward myself $2 (about the cost of a soda) At the end of 7 days I go buy myself something little, pair of socks, a scarf, a book ect.. works for me! I like to shop and I get my water!



Tip #7 By Katie Eliott –  MINT EXTRACT

It sounds a little weird…but I keep a bottle of mint extract at my desk at work! I’ll add a cap-full to my 32oz bottle with ice and water! Since I’ve started doing that, I will drink over 100oz of water during the work day, easily! I find that I crave the mint when I am drinking plain water! I’ve also tried it with orange extract and even have mixed orange and mint…delicious!





I hope some of these ideas will help you with incorporating a lot more water into your daily lifestyle. Specia thanks to al who contributed and thank you for reading. Please share with your friends and family 🙂

Your Friend and Coach,
Bayo Adio

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